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Rogatki Edit (Multifruit and Production)

  • Rogatki Edit (Multifruit and Production)
  • Rogatki Edit (Multifruit and Production)
  • Rogatki Edit (Multifruit and Production)
  • Rogatki Edit (Multifruit and Production)
  • Rogatki Edit (Multifruit and Production)
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This is not a mod!!! Unzip and replace each files and folders in the original mod folder.

For those who really struggle using my pack and for tutorials for new crops, animals and productions, please join my discord server, found in my profile.

Download for original Rogatki map:

DO NOT USE THE UPDATED VERSION FROM YOUTUBE! I didn't used his updated version, because it has no novelty on my edit (he added compost bunkers, I have them too, deleted some trees and fixed some collectibles) and also most likely will need a new savegame, that I want to avoid. So, apply the pack on the version here on Kingmods or check my Discord for the full map.

For the carrot and onion harvest I added some mods as requirements that should automatically download from mod hub. Also you can check my Fortscritt Multifruit edit for a smaller machine that suits better for this map.

Tutorial for adding multifruit pack as mine:

All credits go to the map maker VenturioGames and his team.

- Added extra crops: rye, millet, beans, peas, lentils, chickpeas, buckwheat, rice, linseed/flax (with flax fiber as straw), hops vines, white grapes vines, poppy seeds, mustard, carrot and onion, beetroot and lavender;
- added the new crops and straws to all the sellingpoints and productions, also most of them have contracts;
- added new factories (bakery, spinnery, oil plant, grain mill etc.) with new products and new buildings for animals.
- added the animals from HOF Bergmann by Farmer Andy, including cats (cats eat mineral feed; they reproduce and can be sold);
- added cat zone and calf igloos placeable in building mode (calves need straw and milk; the igloos are 2 different placeables: one with all the fences, the second to add in the empty spaces where the fences are; level the ground first);
- added a goat husbandry from HOF B. to get goat milk (!!! - removed fences, pasture pretty large give them some space; add inside only goats because the pallets spawn oddly one piece of wool o a pallet; for sheep use another pen/pasture);
- added a greenhouse and open garden plot with new plants;
- added a hayloft that accepts even bales (but gives bulk back) and modified map's bunker silo to accept alfalfa and clover
- added a root crop storage that works with carrots and onions;
- added OmaTana's growth calendar for those who want to play without seasons (just base game crops grow faster; I don't know how to add for the new crops the nonseasonal growth to work properly; if you know, please add and contact me for an update);
- added custom traffic with custom vehicles
- added new animals on the pre-placed pasturea and animal dealer.

Known issues: use Precision Farming, because without it when plowing/cultivating will get a 100% fertilization on that field. Also Compost doesn't register as fertilizer in Precision F.



  • - repaired growth calendar and foliage of beetroot (red beets); now it's growing as intended.

  • - changed flax fiber filltype from FLAX to FLAX_FIBER to avoid making material from seeds on maps like Edgewater Sask;
    - No new savegame needed (although sell the flax fiber bales or loose if you have it, might dissapear);
    - added Goweil DLC new bales with the help of an add-on from LSFM Team, included in the pack; (Will make normal 125 and 150 bales from all bale types from Rogatki, plus: organicwaste bales wrapped to ferment in compost, lavender bales, ccm raw bales to ferment into ccm, also the stationary baler now accepts silage, alfalfa fermented and clover fermented if you made them loose and want bales.
    - the Goweil won't work without the DLC and the add-on included.

    Inside you'll find also the Precision Farming Compost Ready and the trailer that works with rabbits. UNZIP first.

  • - added alfalfa fermented and clover fermented, both compatible with m+ fillTypes;
    - made bales for them; wrapping alfalfa and clover bales will ferment now in alfalfa fermented and clover fermented;
    - price for the new silages are double than grass silage (price won't apply with M+);
    - added the new fillTypes to the bales selling point;
    - the new silages can be used in cow feed, both directly to the pen or in mixing wagons;
    - alfalfa fermented and clover fermented can be made in separate special bunker silos also, not just in bales (you can still make normal silage from clover and alfalfa in the normal bunker from the map);
    - changed growth time for poppy;
    - added spring barley and spring wheat (the same barley/wheat, but can be sowed in march too);
    - removed the need from rolling from root crops, planter crops, also from sorghum and millet;
    - changed textures for the winery;
    - changed the recipes for Spinnery;
    - added hops, all grapes and olives to the nitrogen requirements for Precision Farming (now the nitrogen values will depend on the soil, like any other crops);
    - various fixes and minor changes that I can't remember.

  • - added a new enclosed rabbit hutch;
    - fixed missing flax particle effects on pickers (balers, forage wagons);
    - fixed a bug that caused corn stalks to not appear anymore when harvesting;
    - added italian translation;
    - fixed some placeables names with typing errors;
    - fixed the terrain shader (missing 360 multiterrain angles);
    - other minor changes.

    For the map already packed, Precision Farming that accepts compost as fertilizer, Enhanced Animal System with 4 new cow breeds and other exclusive edits, join my Discord Server. Also there you'll find hints about the new crops/productions/animals and fast helping community.

  • - fixed hops missinng stages;
    - fixed missing RICE from GRAINHEADER;
    -fixed missing MILLET from FARMSILO;
    -fixed GRAPEB (white grapes prunner) - NOTE: grass on hops and white grapes can't be mulched but does not affect the yield (found the same issue on Italia and Vidhostice, so I think it is the way vines work);
    - fixed Rabbits food Description (instead of hay will display what they actually eat - clover);
    - other minor changes.

    For full map, bugs report and bonus mods, check my Discord.

  • - Increased modDesc version
    - Fixed terrainShader
    - removed Silphie and related items (planter, pallet), because I've reached the crop limit and it won't grow with seasons on, plus it caused other log errors;
    - added stubbles to all crops and stubble destruction;
    - fixed alfalfa foliage that caused conflict with maize plus's alfalfa;
    - fixed missing distance textures;
    - changed growth period on hops (the same now as on Vidhostice Maps update);
    - minor changes to the foliage;
    - decreased the production cycles on spinnery (was too fast);
    - changed clover and dry clover windrow fill planes;
    - changed the textures on dry alfalfa and dry clover bales to match the windrows.

    Check my Discord for the full map if having problems adding the pack yourself, also to report bugs and share your Rogatki screenshots.
    On Discord also you'll find Precision Farming mod that it is Compost Ready.

  • - added rabbits, rabbit hutch and pet carrier to transport both rabbits and cats;
    - rabbits eat chaff, clover and clover hay in parallel with lettuce, cabbage, carrots and other vegetables;
    - added silphie as a forage crop - turns to chaff (instead of chopped silphie), but regrows;
    - added a special planter and silphie seedlings;
    - all the above additions are the work of Farmer Andy and LSFM modding team;
    - removed limousins from cows; also bull calves are only visible when spawning by reproduction; please sell limousins before update; rest of the animals remain unchanged;
    - removed beer doses, bottled beer from Brewery (will produce just beer in kegs);
    - removed apple and pumpkin pies from bakery;
    - added missing hemp to seeder;
    - fixed polish translation;
    - updated all the language files to work with the new crops/animals;
    - added french translation;
    - fixed millet foliage and growth; it is good for forage (heigher yield of chaff comparing with other cereals);
    - fixed carrots fillplanes;
    - compost will work as fertilizer in Precision Farming, but with the special one from LSFM (link in my Discord server);
    - other minor changes/fixes.


    I've not tested again if works with maize plus. If having other production mods, you might encounter fillTypes exceeding number error in log and game won't load (even with the script that increased it a lot); that's the reason I removed those 4 products.

  • - after many requests and finding that maizeplus feeding requirements are insanely high, I fixed the amount of feed animals need; they still eat more and produce more than base game, but now they are manageable to raise;
    -played a bit with pig breeds; now they are different not just visually, also by price, feed amount and outputs; berskshire will reproduce only if 90% healthy, will eat more than the other 2, but the selling price is higher; recommend using Enhanced Animal System version 1.1 (the last one will over-ride the animals) to get more offsprings from pigs;
    - added Danish translation offered by Plys;
    - fixed polish translation for the animals, by Ramzses490;
    - fixed missing translation for cat food;
    - added visual rows for soybeans, beans, peas, chickpeas and lentils;
    - darkened a bit foliage for lavender and alfalfa;
    - other minor changes and fixes;

    Happy Easter everyone! (for me is this Sunday - orthodox christian)

  • - Added pig male,duck male and other male off-springs to all of the animals excepting horses (to be able to ride them).
    - added limousin at cows and changed the pig breeds (the base-game ones instead of only one) - this was possible because of the Enhanced Animal System version 2.0;
    - on Discord I modified the EAS mod to work with Rogatki;
    - added catFood, buyable from the store and for use to the cats, instead of mineral feed.


    Although a new savegame IS NOT REQUIRED, please note somewhere your animals in the pens (numbers, types, ages) and sell them before updating, then buy them back (use Easy Dev mod to replace your money loss). The update will mess with the animals, especially roosters, ducks and pigs (to replace the lost of the feed and reproduction rate, you can spawn free food for the first time).

    I reccomend using Enhanced Animal System (the version from my Discord server to not override the animals) to boost the reproductivity rate (pigs are worth raising, even though they eat a lot, because they can have up to 10 off-springs at a time...)


    I released this update early, because my current work won't allow me to make improvements and modding as before. Even though the updates will be more rare, will update as soon I will find a fix for the known issues or adding something important. Will not make new productions soon (will see). Also if Court Farms gets released, I will start working on that. in that case the only update Rogatki will get is the fixes for the errors (when Farmer BoB will release a tutorial). Also it is possible that instead of Court Farm edit, will release a multifruit pack that can be used on any map, following Farmer's BoB tutorial (the up-coming one, not the old ones). Time will tell.

    Enjoy the map!

    P.S. I won't forget about the fruit Orchard and it will be released as soon as it is ready and error-free.

  • - added beetroot/red beets - for now just for sale (higher yield/price than sugarbeets) and pig food;
    - added lavender - it regrows and can be harvested with a modified JD cotton harvester (only this one works, the square bale harvester won't even if it is a mod); first year one cut, next years up to two cuts; also can be harvested with a forage harvester, but with 20% yield penalty.
    - added bull calf;
    - changed buckwheat foliage;
    - added the new crops/bales to selling points;
    - changed grape marc fillplane; it is produced by the winnery as bi-product from wine and can be transformed to home made brandy.
    - more productions/products in the next update (or separate mod, will see), to make use of the new crops.

  • - Goweil DLC compatible;
    - Maize Plus Compatible;
    - added german translation (if you want to help with your language, please contact me on Discord);
    - huge productions pack compatible (for example Dragon's Den Production Extension);
    - added new crop: Hemp and a windrow: Hemp Fiber (once a year you mow it and bale it, then sell or turn it into material at Spinnery);
    - Winery now gives Grape Marc as bi-product of wine; this can be used further in Homemade Brandy Production;
    - I've added the FillTypeLimit increaser script by GtX - now you can use as many factories as you like, no error will apppear (also, Maize plus works because of this and the next changelog);
    - I've increased the cells of Density Height Types - although a NEW SAVEGAME IS NOT ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, if you have bunker silos filled (chaff, silage, ccm, organic waste or compost), the content will dissapear, the same with all the windrows in the field (grass, alfalfa, clover, hays, straws), so, to avoid this, bale the windrows or put them in hayloft, also empty the bunker silos before updating; anything tipped to the ground will dissapear after the update, so be sure to gather before in silos or trailers or bales;
    - darkened the texture of alfalfa;
    - fixed corn stalks: because of a typing error in the lua, it produced before 28 liters of corn stalks per square meter, when harvesting corn; now it is fixed to 3 l/m2;
    - other minor fixes.

    For questions, tutorials or full map, join my Discord server.

  • - increased Farm Dairy production rate;
    - added Precision Farming seed rates for the new crops (needs the latest version of Precision Farming);
    - fixed missing distance textures;
    - fixed errors on hops vines;
    - fixed missing hud images;
    - changed grain mill building; now you can get ccm raw, bran, cracked corn and mineral feed as bulk; also if you want you can get back the grain too;
    - fixed chickens eating too much (by mistake I've set a chicken to eat as much as a sheep :) - now eats more than base game but a reasonable amount);
    - increased egg production rate on chickens and ducks;
    - horses, chickens, sheeps and goats don't need straw anymore because won't produce manure (the goat stable still shows straw as requirement, but is no need to fill);
    - other minor changes/fixes.

    For full map, tutorials and questions check my Discord.


    There is still an error when playing without Precision Farming that causes plowing/cultivating to set fertilization state on that field to 100%. Till I will find a fix (most probably after I learn how to make use of the new 64 fruit types support that came with 1.9 patch) you can use Precision Farming mod, because with it no such error occurs.

    Also if you encounter glitches as floating crop foliage or two crops on one field (reported by 2 players, never encountered myself and I've played on the same savegame from version 1.1, also I tested the map on several new saves...), you can use Esy Dev mod to "reset" the field that glitched: first set the ground type to plowed, second set the crop type to whatever growth stage was before (or you want).

  • - replaced hops plant with hops vines from Vidhostice Map (with the difference that after harvest you can unload in silo or sell or deliver to the brewery; in Vidhostice there is a hops separation plant);
    - added rice to the seeder;
    - fixed horses; now they are rideable again;

    Join my Discord Server (link in the profile) for tutorials and map already packed (no more hussle), also early mods.

  • - fixed animal food;
    - changed alfalfa foliage (again);
    - darken the grass foliage;
    - changed grape vines appeareance (and made them cheaper to place);
    - added Polish translation with the help of Ramzes490;
    - fixed rice harvesting effects;
    - other error fixes;

    Known issue: horses for some reason I couldn't find (working on that), can't be ride, it gets black screen and frozes the game... Will update as soon as I will find a fix.

  • Huge thanks to "Steph le Fermier" & "Th3Al3xi5" who showed me a way to be able to add more crops!

    NEW Savegame reccomended (all the crops are reset, even on your fields; if you want to use Easy Developer Controls mod to fix your field crops, first set the ground type to plowed, then set the fruit type on that field, otherwise errors might occur as 2 crops in one field)

    - added the promised swathing crops to: wheat, barley, oat, canola, flax and rye (for swathing works even Fortscritt mower, for picking only the one made by BcBuhler);
    - reinstalled sugarcane, olive and oilseed radish;
    - added new crops: chickpeas, dryland rice and buckwheat;
    - added white grapes and a harvester and prunner for it (it can do both grape types - also the tractor pulled italian harvester should work);
    - added grapes to bulk category to be able to use any trailer;
    - added new crops to sellingpoints and white grapes to winery (white wine) and homemade brandy production;
    - the winery can make raisins now;
    - added new crops to animal feed;

    This is the final update/upgrade (just error fixes in the future or if Rogatki gets a huge update from it's creator)

  • - added specialized bunker silos for Compost and CCM

    - removed composter and ccm fermenter (the bunkers work better - ccm raw ferment into ccm fermented; all straws and windrows, bran failed tmr - forage, woodchips turn into organic waste and ferment into compost)

    - oil plant and winery gives organic waste as bi-product

    - fixed soybeanstraw (had a duplicate in fillTypes)

    - other minor changes and fixes;


    Unfortunatelly, swathing won't come to the map. Worked about 6-7 hours to add it only to find out (my fault, not checking first) that swathing needs duplicate foliage in the map.i3d that occupy a new crop slot. Mine are already full, and I don't want to give up on multifruit for swathing.
    Sorry for the hype, but I can't add this new mechanic as much as I want.
    In the future before announcing something, will check if I can do it. My apologies.


    I already know about Venturio's update on the map posted on his YouTube channel (he added compost too in the same manner as me - I thought of it without even finding that he had an update). He removed about 500 trees, fixed missing collectibles, changed the marker icons and added bunkers for compost.
    I don't consider this update worth the effort to redo all the work again (also the savegame would be necessary to recheck for trees spawning in the areas I've built) and my update will have as base the old Rogatki map (should work on the new map too, but after aplying my pack, the map in fact will be the old one modified by me.)

    If something occurs when aplying my pack on the new version of the map, please report the errors to find a fix. Also, if he will update again in the future with major changes, I will update too. Till then, hope you will enjoy the current version.


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Rogatki Edit (Multifruit and Production)
  • Rogatki Edit (Multifruit and Production)
  • Rogatki Edit (Multifruit and Production)
  • Rogatki Edit (Multifruit and Production)
  • Rogatki Edit (Multifruit and Production)
  • Rogatki Edit (Multifruit and Production)