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  • It's very easy, you just have to drag the ".zip" file into the mod folder which is located in "Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator22/mods" otherwise we invite you to check this tutorial video that will tell you what to do step by step.

  • To publish your mod on KingMods, you first need a KingMods account, then you have to go to the Creator-Studio and click on "New mod". You just have to fill the information requested with screenshots of your mod without ATH / HUD. Once your mod is submitted, it must be processed by our team within the next 24 hours and then if everything is good, it will be published on KingMods, else you'll be notified.

  • We only reject mods that do not have the rights to be published, or do not respect the standards of the community. You can see this reason in the notification / mail you received.

  • If someone has stolen one of your mods or published it without your permission, you can simply send an email to [email protected] with proof that you are the author of the original mod and we will do what is necessary to settle the problem.


  • A "Work-In-Progress" (WIP) is simply a mod in development. On KingMods, you can create a WIP to inform the community that you are working on an upcoming mod. You can share your progress with screenshots, ask questions via polls or present it in a video.


  • A pack is simply the best way to share group of mods respecting the link of the original authors. By creating a pack you can add many mods manually and thus share it with your friends and your community, or if you have a savegame, you can add it to your Pack (it will therefore be downloadable on KingMods) and all the mods present on this savegame will be analyzed by our AI and will be added to your pack, which makes sure that you don't forget any.


  • By registering on KingMods, you unlock different features such as: Being able to share your mods on KingMods, Subscribe to your favorite modders and receive a notification when one of their new mods is released, comment a mod, add mods to your Saved Mods, view your Navigation History and many other reasons just waiting for you!

  • If you have mods on the Farming Simulator ModHub and you want them to be automatically published on your KingMods account simultaneously, you just have to go to the settings of your KingMods account and click on the "Link" button under the "Farming Simulator ModHub account" section. Then a modal will open and you will only have to add the link of one of your mods already published on the FS ModHub. Once we have processed your request, your FS ModHub mods will automatically be assigned to your KingMods profile as soon as they are published on the FS ModHub.

  • We invite you to contact us at [email protected] as soon as possible with the profile link that usurps your identity followed by proof that you are the owner of the username.

Weekly King's Choice

  • Basically, the Weekly King's Choice is, as its name suggests, a ranking of the TOP 20 mods of the week that comes out every week on Friday evening. When it comes out the mods are not yet ranked in the correct order, it's up to the community to vote for their favorite mod, then on Sunday evening at 6:00 p.m. (UTC), our system organizes the ranking from first to last according to the votes of the community. There is also the best map of the week which is chosen by the KingMods team.


  • For the moment, we don't really have a partnership program. However, you can always let us know your proposal by contacting us at [email protected]

  • We are sorry for this inconvenience. So that we can correct it as soon as possible, please let us know by contacting us at [email protected]

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