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The time has finally come and the Hof Bergmann is available as the first version for the LS22.

The map will be expanded further in the future and this version is not the final version, because a map is never really finished.

Installation Guide:


Download Hof Bergmann AIO Map Pack (one file)
The FS22_HofBergmann_Map_AIO_Pack_v1_0_0_0.rar must first be unpacked with WinRAR or similar
We get a directory called: "FS22_HofBergmann_Map_AIO_Pack_v1_0_0_0" in this directory there is a folder "mods",
Now we copy all the zip files from our “mods” folder into the game’s mod folder
Complete !


Download Hof Bergmann AIO Map Pack (archive is split into several files because the host only allows up to 1GB per file for free users)
The FS22_HofBergmann_Map_AIO_Pack_v1_0_0_0.part1 must first be unpacked with WinRAR or similar. For split files, all archives must be in one folder; these are automatically unpacked. The password for unpacking can be found here: Unpack Hof Bergmann Map correctly!
We get a directory called: "FS22_HofBergmann_Map_AIO_Pack_v1_0_0_0" in this directory there is a folder "mods",
Now we copy all the zip files from our “mods” folder into the game’s mod folder
Complete !



  • Added windrower effects (rakers) for clover hay, these were missing and an error occurred
    Unloading triggers on vegetable beds and productions sometimes showed an incorrect message text. This has been fixed
    Unprocessed tree trunks at the sawmill were permanently visible - this has been fixed
    Filltype carrots added to the map, these are also available on the map without Premium Expansion DLC but only in the allotment garden.
    With the Premium Expansion DLC these are also available in fields and can be harvested with the machines.
    Carrots can be sold or used as rabbit food. All other fruits from the Premium DLC can be used because everything enters itself everywhere
    Fixed an error that was triggered when entering the info trigger in productions (occurred with the new Giants patch)
    Corrected unevenness in field 24
    Chicken coop from farm 3 did not spawn manure. This has been fixed, the manure now appears outside the coop
    Fixed log message that occurred when trying to place additional animal pens
    (the limit of stables on the map has been exhausted, so Giants cannot place any more stables)
    Fixed texture error on sign at slaughterhouse
    Fixed texture errors on the floor of the chicken coop on Farm3

  • Version HotFix Version/Pump N Hoses DLC

    - Fixed bugs that occurred with the Pump N Hoses DLC (all stables were gone)

    A notice:

    This is the complete mod pack, the mod pack again consists of 2 RAR files that have to be downloaded, but this time without a password

    Nothing has changed in the additional mods, so they do not have to be replaced.

    This time only 2 archives have to be downloaded, but the individual archives are a bit larger.

    If you already have version of the map, you only need to update the map

    A new saved game is not required from version to version because it is only a bugfix version.


    - Moddesc version adapted to patch 1.5.0 (patch 1.5.0 is now mandatory)

    - Fixed game crash when sleeping in farmhouse, fixed SleepCamera script by Ifkonator

    - Fixed tool rack behind horse stable, objects falling through the shelves.

    - Languages ​​updated, added Turkish and Italian

    - Mineral fertilizer is no longer displayed in the price menu for the beds in the allotment garden


    Hierbei handelt es sich um das komplette Modpack, das Mod Pack besteht wieder aus 2 RAR Dateien die heruntergeladen werden müssen, diesmal aber ohne Passwort

    an den Zusatzmods hat sich nichts geändert diese müssen also nicht mit ausgetauscht werden.

    Wer sowieso nicht mit dem Pump N Hoses DLC spielt braucht diese Version auch nicht noch einmal herunterladen da sich nichts weiter geändert hat.
    Hinweise zur Version:

    Es müssen diesmal nur 2 Archive heruntergeladen werden, dafür sind die einzelnen Archive aber auch etwas größer.

    Wer schon die Version von der Map hat braucht nur die Map aktuallisieren

    Ein neuer Spielstand wird von Version auf Version nicht benötigt da es sich nur um eine Bugfix Version handelt.


    - Moddesc Version an Patch 1.5.0 angepasst (Patch 1.5.0 ist nun zwingend erforderlich)

    - Spielabsturz beim Schlafen im Farmhaus behoben, SleepCamera Script gefixt von Ifkonator

    - Werkzeugregal hinterm Pferdestall gefixt, Objekte fielen durch die Regalböden.

    - Sprachen aktuallisiert, Türkisch und Italiänisch hinzugefügt

    - Mineraldünger wird nicht mehr bei den Beeten vom Schrebergarten angezeigt im Preismenü


  • Farmer_Andy

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Hof Bergmann
  • Hof Bergmann
  • Hof Bergmann
  • Hof Bergmann