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The “Information Sign” package includes a total of 11 different information or signage signs for underground supply lines. These signs are used for decoration or to indicate a water intake point.


Blue water signs indicate street caps (valve boxes) below street level that provide access to local water system shut-off valves (gates).

Green wastewater signs indicate road blockages below street level that provide access to wastewater valves. Special sewage systems such as overpressure or negative pressure systems are marked this way, but ordinary sewer systems are not.

Fire signs bordered in red and blue indicate underground fire hydrants, that is, water intake points from the local water system below street level.

Fire signs framed in red indicate fire hydrants suitable for drawing fire extinguishing water. On the other hand, fire signs with blue borders indicate fire hydrants that are not suitable for extracting firefighting water.

There are also technical fire hydrants for maintenance work on drinking water and wastewater pipes. These signs have a blue or green border.

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● Shop category: Building / Decorations / Miscellaneous
● Languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish




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