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Real Vehicle Breakdowns

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Thanks to this modification the vehicle's components will fail.
The parts have been set to operating hours, for example, the thermostat breaks down after 150 hours.
The system monitors the operating temperature of the vehicle, if the engine is still too cold, the vehicle may be damaged.
After starting the vehicle, if the operating temperature of the engine has not yet reached a temperature above 30 °C, the vehicle will be damaged, this can be tracked on the damage info bar.
At the moment, it is not yet specified whether in such a case only the motor or the parts belonging to the motor will be damaged.

The mod is currently shared in Beta.

To calculate vehicle service and repair costs, the purchase price and age of the vehicle are taken into account.
I have to try it out so that I can make any fine adjustments.

Opening Real Vehicle Breakdowns (RVB) - key combination "left Alt + w" (default)

List of failures:
Thermostat error, it can be two types
1. Thermostat overheating, in this case the operating temperature is too high, the vehicle is damaged and fuel consumption increases.
2. Thermostat overcooling, in this case the operating temperature fluctuates, fuel consumption increases.
3. All front and rear lights are malfunctioning, this is how I currently created the error generation. In the event of this error, the turn signals and hazard warning lights are functional.
4. Glow plug, in this case, fuel consumption increases and the engine is more difficult to start.
5. Windscreen wiper motor, in this case the wiper blades do not move. It is possible that it will cause other errors in the future.
6. Generator, in this case the vehicle's battery is not recharged, so it may discharge and the engine cannot be started.
7. Engine error, in this case the engine can be started and the max. speed 7 km/h.
8. Self-starter, in this case the engine is more difficult to start or cannot be started at all.
9. Battery, in this case the engine is more difficult to start or cannot be started at all.
10. Service interval, in this case, if there is a value greater than the set service interval in the vehicle, the vehicle will be damaged.

Causes of battery discharge:
a) you have turned off the vehicle's engine but not turned off the lights, the more lights are on, the faster the battery drains
b) due to generator failure, the battery does not charge

The battery can be charged in the workshop.
When the engine is running and the generator is operational, the battery gradually charges.

In the RVB menu, it is possible to select how often the vehicles must be serviced.
The repair cost is calculated from the purchase value of the vehicle, later this may change to the extent that a minimum repair cost is determined. Because there are vehicles that the developers have priced very cheaply.
The system does not yet include a hourly repair rates.



  • Changelog
    - github issues#35 - Battery dropped at 25% while engine was running

  • Changelog
    - github issues#21 - HUD icons scaling
    - github issues#22 - Error on dedicated multiplayer server
    - github issues#27 - Informational message now only appears once (to conflicts mods)
    - github issues#31 - Courseplay, AutoDrive conflicts
    - Added French translations
    - Added Damage bar selection
    - Added FS22 basic damage overwrite, inactive
    - Fixed, if the vehicle damage bar below 10%, no breakdowns when inspecting vehicle, resets vehicle damage bar to 100%. FS22 basic repair cost + inspection cost
    - Many other things :)

  • Changelog
    - Added vehicle HUD faults icon
    - github issues#10 - Window randomly pops up saying "The mechanic cannot repair this vehicle, visit RVB Service" - Courseplay conflicts
    - github issues#11 - Temperature indicator not working
    - github issues#13 - Many breakdowns
    - github issues#18 - HUD position fuel text wrong - I hope it's good now
    - Added Vehicle breakdown difficulty
    - Added Dutch, Polish translations
    - Many other things :)

  • Sorry guys! A bad package was uploaded. Vehicle list will now work. That's why you shouldn't work when you're sick :(


    - github issues#1
    - github issues#5
    - github issues#7
    - Added Brazilian/Portuguese, German, Russian translations

  • Changelog
    - Change menu opening button combination "left Alt + w"
    - Spark plug delete, add Glow plug
    - Gear shifter problem, maybe fixed, I didn't experience a gear shifter problem before
    - Change in breakdowns generator. The vehicle breakdowns can only if it is at least 8 months old. The chance of vehicle breakdowns has been reduced


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Real Vehicle Breakdowns
  • Real Vehicle Breakdowns