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Hemp DLC Pack

  • Hemp DLC Pack
  • Hemp DLC Pack
  • Hemp DLC Pack
  • Hemp DLC Pack
  • Hemp DLC Pack
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Over 50 items!

Biggest Cannabis DLC Pack to hit FS22!

~ This pack includes its own TAB (Cannabis DLC) in the build menu and is broken down as the following categories

~ Growhouses

~ Processing Rooms

~ CannaSilos

~ Stores

~ Factories

~ Stoner Extras

~ Now Includes Cannabis DLC Vehicles and Tools!

~~ Brand New Production Points such as ~~
~ Indoor Grow Sheds
~ Small, Medium, and Large Greenhouses
~ XL Greenhouse Complex
~ Cannabis Trim Facility
~ Cannabis Drying Room
~ FoxFarm Soil and Fertilizer
~ RAW Rolling Facility
~ MassCann Dispensary
~ Half Baked & Fully Roasted Coffee Shop
~ Chong's Bong's
~ Cannabis Vending Machine
~ Plus so much more!

~~ Brand New Fill Types such as ~~
~ Harvested Cannabis
~ Dried Cannabis
~ Trimmed Cannabis
~ Cannabis Clones
~ Cannabis Seeds
~ Cannabis Milk
~ Cannabis Coffee
~ Baked Edibles
~ THC Oil
~ CBD Oil
~ RAW 1oz Joints
~ FoxFarm Soil
~ FoxFarm Fertilizer
~ Cannabis Farbric
~ And More!

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  • ~ Updated Triggers on New Greenhoues & Added growlights (Trigger on rear side of greenhouse)
    ~ Updated Furniture in Squigglze Luxury Suite
    ~ Updated Cannabis DLC Fleet - THC-420 Express - Now accepts all Cannabis DLC Products - Moved Triggers
    ~ Removed Diesel Input for Cannabis Trimming Facility - Now only requries Dry Cannabis
    ~ Added 3 New XL Foil Greenhouse Options - Indica, Sativa, Hybrid growing options now
    ~ Added A New Decal Option for the Cannabis DLC Fleet - THC-420-53DRY Trailer

  • ~ Updated New Squigglze 2024 Brand Logo

    ~ Updated ALL production point XML's for spawning pallets (Fox Farms Fertilizer Factory still needs to be set to distribute, sorry!)

    ~ Added 3 NEW Greenhouses! - You can now grow different strains of cannabis plants! (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid)

    ~ Added 3 NEW Billboards for decoration - Each generate an income of $4.20/hr and are animated

    ~ Added Decorational Garden Gnome - Come to peace with your new favorite decoration!

    ~ Added Co2 Filltank - Buy your Co2 here for Concentrate Production

    ~ Added Cannabis Concentrate Producion - Produce Concentrate from Cannabis and Co2

    ~ Adjusted Prices on all products

    ~ Adjusted Buyable Starting Pallets Prices

    ~ Added 2nd Farmhouse - Squigglze Luxury Suite

  • ~ Removed Diesel Trailer (too many issues)
    ~ Added Vehicles/Equipment: Cannabis DLC Fleet - FST 990, MKS 32
    ~ Remade Some Store Icons with FSIconGenerator for better quality store images
    ~ Introducing 5 new filltypes/products: Tobacco, Cigars, Blunts, Hash Brick, Hash Coins
    ~ Tobacco Greenhouse added: Input - Water : Output - Tobacco Pallets
    ~ Cigar Factory: Input - Tobacco : Output - Cigars
    ~ Blunt Factory: Input - Cigars, Cannnabis, Cannabis Sack : Output - Blunts
    ~ Hash Press Factory: Input - Cannabis or Cannabis Sack : Output - Hash Brick
    ~ Hash Coin Factory: Input - Hash Brick : Output - Hash Coin

  • ~ Fixed textures path for 53' Dry Van Trailer

    ~ Fixed Cannabis Dog House i3d capitalizations, now shows correctly

    ~ Fixed Specialization Errors for placeables

    ~ Cannabis Drying Room - Removed Diesel Input, Adjusted capacities and Cycles

    ~ Canna Grow Shed - Removed Diesel Input


    ~ Added bulk textures to FoxFarm Fertilizer - Can now carry and purchase in bulk

    ~ Added Canna Bulk Buying Station!

    ~ Added Krampe 3 in 1 Bulk Trailer - 50,000 ltr capacity. Flashing cannabis leaves

    ~ Added Diesel Tanker

    ~ Added Water Distribution Tank! - Cost $0 input for water. Converts 0 ltrs to 10,000 ltrs. SET TO DISTRIBUTE! Will fill EVERY growhouse that requires water automatically!!!

  • ~ Cannabis DLC Pack V 1.1~



    **PC ONLY**

    ~~*Please Rate This Mod*~~

    ~~~~~MAJOR UPDATES NEWS~~~~~

    After getting everyone's reports on errors. I have spent that past couple day's correcting everything. I am happy to announce that I've gotten 99% of them fixed! Pleaes read the following corrections/additions carefully.

    Report ANY problem or issues to our facebook page by sending a message to: FB Squigglze.




    ~ Added NEW Cannabis Leaf Flag - Generates income

    ~ Updated NEW Cannabis Vending Machine that buy's all products in the cannabis DLC Pack (Not just Joint's and Gummies)

    ~ Clones Pallets fixed in store

    ~ FoxFarm Fertilizer Pallets fixed in store

    ~ CannaHouse spawn location - Now spawns on front porch

    ~ Small Greenhouse Unload Trigger Lowered

    ~ Medium Greenhouse Unload Trigger Lowered

    ~ Large Greenhouse Unload Trigger Lowered and Fixed Input

    ~ FoxFarm Soil Factory Unload Triggers Lowered. New Inputs

    ~ FoxFarm Fertilizer Factory - New Input and Output Settings. Input solid fertilizer in bulk or pallet form. Set output to distributing due to new FoxFarm regulations (See sign inside factory)

    ~ Cannabis Trim Facility - Unload trigger adjusted. Added 2nd row in pallet spawn area for both outputs

    ~ Clones Facility - Static Anchor Error Fixed. Pallets spawn in center of garage.

    ~ Cannabis Paper Facility - Corrected Product Output

    ~ Cannabis crops for greenhouse i3d repaired. All cannabis grows in every greenhouse now.

    ~ Cannabis XL Foil Greenhouse i3d repaired

    ~ Joints & Gummies Vending Machine i3d repaired

    ~ Starbuds Coughy Billboard repaired. Light Triggger for billboard added on side of building now. Output repaired.

    ~ Canna 53 ft dry van - Updated textures

    ~ Cannabis Clones Facility - NEED TO KEEP ELEVATOR RAISED BEFORE SAVING. If kept in lowered postions a collision error occors when reloading saved game (Screen Bounces) To correct if kept lowered when loading new saved game, run inside while screen is bouncing and activate elevator.


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Hemp DLC Pack
  • Hemp DLC Pack
  • Hemp DLC Pack
  • Hemp DLC Pack
  • Hemp DLC Pack
  • Hemp DLC Pack