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Welcome to Across The Ditch!
51 fields, 50 collectibles, new baby animals, multifruits, custom productions and vehicles in our own category plus a rock quarry.



  • Updated for latest giants updates plus extra items added and background tweeks to help make the map run smoother.

  • Have fixed a lot of bugs caused from Giants latest update. New save game required.

    It's been a bit involved getting these out to you with what's been going on here in New Zealand but I wanted to get the popular different sizes maps out to you for Easter holidays. Myself and Perran have had to do some major changers and have put some surprises in these maps for you to discover. Thank you to Greg Scruggs, Lonestar, and my map testers. Stay Safe. Cazz

    I have added my paypal below and hate to ask but The cyclone that hit my city has and still is caused a lot of lost items. I am currently using my old laptop that can barely load and at this stage Im not able to optimise my maps. Please don't feel obligated but if you do, It would be much appreciated'

    Donations to:

  • Hope you all had a great Xmas. I am reuploading across the ditch because I forgot to reset default settings. I do apologize for missing it. The current one still leaves farm vehicles and buildings on map in "Farm manager" & "Start from Scratch" modes. This will need a new save game sorry unless your happy to play on it the way it is now. Stay safe. Cazz

  • MAP UPDATE: Across the Ditch. I have decided to release the Update of this map now so you all can enjoy the major updates we done. Map link below.
    Choice of 2 starts when map loads with fences and gates and one without. (They can be demolished once you own the land.
    Redid trees (thanks to Tim Lanaville), more fun cutting these down.
    Added container log sell point at sawmill.
    Added vehicle missions xml so you can now harvest multi-fruit with inbuilt harvesters and tweaked some others for easier missions.
    Added our own placeable tab as shown in pictures, including modded fence and gates.
    Added fish Farm with live fish in tanks.
    Fixed splines
    Fixed some issues with ai workers on some fields
    A lot more other stuff to let you explore and find for yourself. Perran, Buck, Lonestar and myself want to wish you all a merry xmas and a happy new year. Thank you for all your support. It really means a lot to me. Take care and stay safe. Cazz


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Across The Ditch
  • Across The Ditch
  • Across The Ditch
  • Across The Ditch