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Good morning,
Here is a pack from the Dutch brand, Lely.
Version; other machines will be added later..

900MC characteristics:
- Price: 49,000€
- Working width: 9m
- Conditioner (Maize Plus)
- The entire range of Splendimo MC mower conditioners guarantees you significant performance. Even in the most difficult conditions.

320FC characteristics:
- Price: 20,000€
- Working width: 3.2m
- Conditioner (Maize Plus)
- Simplified coupling and uncoupling, adaptable to all types of three points thanks to three crutches ensuring a stable position.

The Hibiscus 1515 CD Prof characteristics:
- Price: €62,000
- Working width: 14.8m
- This windrower has been designed in accordance with the requirements of large farms and businesses,
flexibility, versatility, swathing quality are there!

Lotus 1250 characteristics:
- Price: €26,000
- Compact trailed tedder
- Stable construction and low transport width to ensure comfortable transport.
- Working width: 12.5m

Good game everyone, a thank you costs nothing! If you encounter any errors, do not hesitate
to bring it up in the comments area, I would like to point out that it is an incomplete pack for the moment!

miniminuss, only on KingMods!




    - Added Lely Lotus 1250
    - Minor bug fixes


    - Added Lely Hibiscus 1515 CD Prof
    - Fixed the cover of the Lely 320FC and 900MC which caused crashes
    - Fixed missing index
    - Fixed minor texture bugs
    - Improved dirt


    - Change of the pack icon with a Lely logo
    - Improved modDesc
    - Changed CollisionTrigger to TransformGroup
    - Bug fixed in Shaders
    - Fixed missing index bug
    - MP compatible


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Pack Lely
  • Pack Lely
  • Pack Lely
  • Pack Lely
  • Pack Lely
  • Pack Lely
  • Pack Lely