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Welcome to the map of Nowe Łany, this village is located between Złote Łany and Euro Łany from the fs19 map
Map Has:
-142 fields
-Precision Farming
-Two playable gosspas (Required mods below)
-1 plot for construction.
-Shopping centers on the map. (The gates are opened at some of the shopping centers)
-Milk Purchase.
-Gas station.
-Buying animals.
-Machine shop.
-New terrain painting.
-Copses in the fields
-Various terrain on the map
-It is forbidden to change the link.
- Prohibition on taking away other sites.
-It is forbidden to sign under the map.
-No editing of the map (unless for personal use).All mods are packed with the map.
Required mods:
There may be a few errors on the map, if you know how to fix it, please write to me on FB or discord
Regards, Shlamix.
FB: Shlamix
TikTok: @shlamix
YT: Shlamix
DC: shlamix



  • -Trees on dirt roads have been removed.
    -A darker grass texture has been added (foliage,terrain).
    -Traffic signs cannot be moved.
    -Added new lighting on the map.


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Nowe Łany
  • Nowe Łany