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Purbeck 22

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Welcome to Purbeck 22, This has been converted from FS19 to FS22 with some changes.

- 4 farms, arable/grain, dairy, sheep/chickens, piggery.
- New changes at dairy farm
- Multiple sell points, pubs, industrial park
- 81 fields ranging from large to small, grass/arable
- Multiple forests, carpentry, large BGA, stock market and a grain mill.
- new grass textures
- Credits: I would like to thank Oxygendavid for letting me use his textures and Tommx55 for letting me convert this amazing map

MSModding - Enjoy



  • Manure now spawns in cow barn
    All fields can now be changed in easy development controls
    All gates open into fields
    change animal capacity for all animals
    fixed floating grass once cut

  • -Fixed Silage bales at sheep farm
    -Icons not appear in all game modes.


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Purbeck 22
  • Purbeck 22
  • Purbeck 22
  • Purbeck 22
  • Purbeck 22