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JVVF Pallegney (Deerix)

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here is my save on the Pallegney map,
You can find here:
-the modified cow farm
-a farm for sheep
-a farm for pigs
-a farm for potatoes/beetroot/carrots etc.
-a forestry company
-A new Biogas (the previous one is under construction)

I am currently playing on this save so in no cheat I made the cow farm and the potato/betrave/Carrot farm, the rest was done in cheat to be able to move into JVVF.
This save is more for playing than pretty or detailed

PS: the stones take a long time to put and the save takes a little time to load

Have a good day/evening and kisses

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JVVF Pallegney (Deerix)
  • JVVF Pallegney (Deerix)
  • JVVF Pallegney (Deerix)
  • JVVF Pallegney (Deerix)