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Renault Master II VSAV SDIS 74

  • Renault Master II VSAV SDIS 74
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Good evening,

Forced DL following leaks and the putting in DL of this mod by certain thieves, I recommend that you go through this link to warn you of any counterfeiting or unpleasant surprises, it is the same mod that they normally have DL

This mod was not necessarily planned to be DL one day, and was in any case not at all finished, I am sorry to once again have to present content to you like this, this is the third time in a row, for the same reasons...

Reskins are authorized without prior request, the rest I like if someone comes and asks me in pm 😉

Incidentally, 3d was paid for by Oscar, an indirect victim of this leak, he also deserves thanks

Good game all the same



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Renault Master II VSAV SDIS 74
  • Renault Master II VSAV SDIS 74