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Hello everyone, I present to you my first free mod (to make myself better known)


For installation you need the required mod, unzip the file from the link and copy the 2 attached textures, open the magirus klf mod, look for the texture folder. Paste the 6 textures in (it will tell you that the file is existing, click on replace) preferably let the magirus unzip
And the new texture is installed
Now let's move on to 2 tones, open the magirus klf fs19 textures folder and you will have a sound file, open it then copy it, go to mods, sounds and paste the file.
The 2 tone is installed

It is better to have the Simple IC to open the doors as well as the shutters.

I have Sosi Modding permissions

If you like my content I will give you the link to my online store:



  • Added Sosi modding in credit
    Added 2tones and FR shutters
    Modification of the description (addition of 2-tone installation aid)

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Magirus KLF Edit
  • Magirus KLF Edit
  • Magirus KLF Edit