Les Plaines De Meuse

30 Aug.


August 30th, 2021 16:37

I would first like to thank The Sunday Simulator for their help with my map.
-all the fields are finished:
-Farm completely redone from A to Z. (Addition of hens and a grain silo)
-Cooperative Agora Revisited completely.
-Road and paths completed.
-Road traffic added on the main axis, as well as power lines.
-Addition of buildings and houses at the edge of the fields.
-PDA to redo all the changes.
-As well as some details which add charm to the map.
I will keep you posted in a future WIP of the map with photos to make your mouth water.
Have a good day everyone and have a good game!

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(Automatically translated from French)
    23 Aug.

    Finishes to be done (farmlands and triggers)

    August 23rd, 2021 15:34

    Hello everyone, I present to you my map project on Farming Simulator 2019, I would like to release my map before farming 2022.
    For those who are wondering, the card comes out in a few days, about 8 to 10 days.
    It is a French map which represents the MEUSE region, this map is fictitious and is not representative of real life apart from the names of the cooperatives and the village.
    Unfortunately for some players you will be disappointed because it is a map without animals and therefore 100% cereals, but places will be possible to place buildings and stalls.
    In terms of the progress of the map, I think I am at about 75% of the map, I only have the panels and other finishes left.
    The farmlands are also to be seen.
    The places already made are:
    -2 agricultural cooperatives (CAL and AGORA)
    -Massy Fergusson dealer
    - 1 grain farm
    -Between 27 and 28 fields of medium and large sizes

    The specifications are done, I just have to put the different photos of the map to show you the progress.
    Also, don't hesitate to help me find details to put on the map.
    I wish you a very pleasant day and a good time, see you !!!

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    (Automatically translated from French)
    Finishes to be done (farmlands and triggers)
    Finishes to be done (farmlands and triggers)
    Finishes to be done (farmlands and triggers)
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