Gaec des Orcets Beta (v0.9)

28 Aug.

Make way for the tests! 😏

August 28th, 2021 18:13

Hello, I present to you the Gaec des orcets for fs19, a map that was released on the fs17 and that I decided to convert for the 19 by doubling its size, indeed, it will be composed of:
-2 cow farms (including a main farm with chickens)
-1 pig farm
-1 sheep farm
-1 equestrian center
-1 Sawmill
-1 municipal warehouse
-3 Cooperatives
-2 large forest areas
After some tests, I will release it for public download BUT only in BETA version, indeed the next Farming is just around the corner!
So if you like the map, I can make you an improved version for Farming 22!
(I don't reveal the farms too much, I'll let you discover for yourself! :))

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(Automatically translated from French)
Make way for the tests! 😏
Make way for the tests! 😏
Make way for the tests! 😏
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