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04 Mar.

Start of map creation

March 4th, 2021 12:16

Hello everyone 😀
Map that I started to create in March 2021😁

The map is not inspired by real places. I started to place some roads,
-First sites
- Kiloutou store
-Deco (phew! Those who have already placed roads on Giant Editor will know what I'm talking about 😂).
For my first Ville Tp the terrain will be flat but maybe a next version with relief
On the day of the creation of the WIP the map is 274 mo
do not worry it will be heavy but I think it will be well optimized for all the confections

I hope to be able to finish it in the coming months (June-July)!

I am also looking for 1 or more mapper to continue the projects to improve and advance it as quickly as possible but to do something of quality.
Since the map is in its infancy, if you have any advice / suggestions, please leave a comment below ⬇️

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Start of map creation
Start of map creation
Start of map creation
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