TLX X52 Tipper

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TLX X52 Tipper FS19
TLX X52 Tipper FS19
TLX X52 Tipper FS19
TLX X52 Tipper FS19
TLX X52 Tipper FS19
TLX X52 Tipper FS19
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X52 Tipper
The 82's Logistics brand receives his highest capacity tipper! The X52 features are the following:
- Dynamic suspension on the axles
- Wheels: 3 brands, the newest X52, the known Phoenix and the Agro Tires
- Wheels Configurations: Regular, Spread axles and Steering axles
- Capacity configurations
- Default (82820 L)
- Extension (108200 L)
- Unrealistic (250000 L) - Only for players that don't want to play realistically
- Unloading system: Tip back or Grain Door
- Forestry setup; Removing the tailgate and adding tension belts support
- Lighting options: Illuminate the night! (if you want to...)
- Extras: Decorative side bumpers
- Attachers: Optional rear hitch
- The custom 82's Color Palette
- Base price: 82000

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  • Version1.0.0.0
  • PS4/Xbox compatibilitycheck
  • Server compatibilitycheck
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