New Holland CR1090 Maxi 2in1

New Holland CR1090 Maxi 2in1 FS19
New Holland CR1090 Maxi 2in1 FS19
New Holland CR1090 Maxi 2in1 FS19
New Holland CR1090 Maxi 2in1 FS19
New Holland CR1090 Maxi 2in1 FS19
New Holland CR1090 Maxi 2in1 FS19
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A trailer can be attached to this New Holland CR1090 Maxi 2in1.
As the name suggests, this enables 2 operations in one. Picking corn and cultivating it at the same time, or harvesting grain and collecting and baling straw with the square baler. If you don't want straw, a no-till trailer can be attached.
Required for a working speed of 20km / h my mods "Horsch Cruiser 12XL Maxi with Capello QuasarHS16" or "Stara Estrela32 Maxi with New Holland 3162 Draper 45FT".
- Price: 350,000
- Power: 700PS
- Working speed 10Km / h
- Max forward speed 40Km / h
- Max speed backwards 15Km / h

- Power: 1156PS
- Working speed 20Km / h
- Max forward speed 75Km / h
- Max speed backwards 30Km / h

- Configuration capacity: 14,500 - 22,000 - 45,000 liters
- Main color configuration with chrome colors
- Configuration of rim color
- Design color configuration
- Tire configuration
- Shed dirt
- Added license plate
- Added speed camera
- Added trailer hitch
- Added PTO
- Working speed 20KM / h only works in connection with my mods
Horsch Cruiser 12XL Maxi, Capello QuasarHS16, Stara Estrela32 Maxi, New Holland 3162 Draper 45FT,

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  • Version1.1.0.0
  • PS4/Xbox compatibilityclose
  • Server compatibilitycheck
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Comments (3)

There are 12 days

Quelle imagination ! Les moddeurs se font plaisir, mais loin de la réalité.👎
Pas de relevage, pas de prises hydrauliques, pas de prise de force à l'arrière d'une moiss-batt.

There are 14 days

Hello to you Andy'S, I subscribe to your site I find your mod great ...... Thank you.

Bauer Didi
There are 14 days

Very Good👍