Krone Big M500 V1.0.0.3

Krone Big M500 V1.0.0.3 FS19
Krone Big M500 V1.0.0.3 FS19
Krone Big M500 V1.0.0.3 FS19
Krone Big M500 V1.0.0.3 FS19
Krone Big M500 V1.0.0.3 FS19
Krone Big M500 V1.0.0.3 FS19
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Krone BiG M 500


→Added New Customizable "Contractor" Decals

→New 3D Model Elements Added to Front Mower

→Added New Motor Configuration Option

→Added New Decals to Interior And Exterior

→Added New 50 KM/H Warning Sign

→Added New LED Beacon Options

→Added New Elements to 3D Model Incl. Front Springs Suspension System

→Added New Language Translations

→Fixed Front Mower Collision Mask

→Added New in Cab LED Clock (Via Simple IC)

→Added New Engine Interior to 3D model, incl. Opening Side Panels (via Simple IC)

→Added New Animated Ladder Incl. Additional Safety Lighting

→All Simple IC Functions Now Feature IC Sounds

→Added Shaking Engine Animation

→modDesc Updated to Include Turn Signal Lever Animation

→Added Flag Options

→Added Illuminated in Cab Radio

→Lots of Minor Adjustments And Tweaks to The Model Overall

→Added New Colour Options

→To Add Your Own Contractor Logo Go To This Link For The Tutorial:

→For Any Support Join Our Discord Channel Dedicated For Krone Big M500:

For More Details Check This Link:

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Comments (5)

There are 25 days

Slt mygamesteam es ce que tu pourrais faire un pick up Ford raptor 2020 mais version convoi exceptionnel stp sinon ton mod est magnifique comme toujours

There are 26 days

Bonjour quand j'arrive sur le site de mygamesteam, on me demande d'installer GreenBlocker et pas moyen de fermer ce pop up
(j'ai adblock). Si quelq'un sait comment régler ce problème car je ne peut installer aucun mod de @mygamesteam 😅. Merci d'avance

There are 26 days

bonjour génial

Farmer T-REX
There are 26 days

Bonjour je n'arrive pas a l'installer tous comme la peugeot 205 turbo 16 pouvais vous m'aider

There are 26 days

du mod du feu de dieu merci @mygamesteam