Horsch - Nuhn - Houle GEA Slurry Feeder

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Horsch - Nuhn - Houle GEA Slurry Feeder FS19
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Horsch - Nuhn - Houle GEA slurry feeder incl. Dolly

Modifications & adjustments.: Pfuscher Garage - BTS / Butters Tunig Schmiede
Original.: Trailer = Elite Modding Quebec (release available)

- Brand.: Tractor pool (because of the possible manufacturer configs)
- Category.: SlurryTanks
- Price.: From 4000 .- -> 60,000.- FS Teuro's

! NO brochure booklet realism!
! FS19 texture system!

Nobody is forced to use this mod.

What can the set do?

- Can be used as a liquid manure feeder or directly for spreading the liquid manure / liquid manure whatever
- Manure system compatible
- Parking position for Manure Sys. Hoses up to 5m
- Manufacturer selection Horsch / Nuhn / Houle Gea
- various axis configs with or without trailing axis
- Choice of color rims = multicolor
- various tire sets

The pack contains a total of 4 semi-trailers and 1 dolly ...

2x 30m³ trailer including 1x with a trailing axle
2x 40m³ trailer including 1x with a trailing axle
1x 2-axle dolly

can be used as a feeder or slurry tanker
and as a roadtrain for "large" maps

(The trucks or trucks in the picture are NOT included!!!)

Original ONLY with Non Profit Link from Workupload! ! !

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  • Version1.0
  • PS4/Xbox compatibilityclose
  • Server compatibilityclose
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