Göweil Bale Pack

Göweil Bale Pack FS19
Göweil Bale Pack FS19
Göweil Bale Pack FS19
Göweil Bale Pack FS19
Göweil Bale Pack FS19
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Göweil BTGME

The round bale transport fork is suitable for the gentle transport of wrapped round bales with a diameter of 1 m to 1.8 m. The opening area can be mechanically adjusted in 50 mm steps using a quick-release fastener.
The transport arms of the round bale fork can be raised for road transport.

Price: 2000 €

Göweil DTR

The double transport frame was designed in such a way that two round bale transport forks BTGME or BTGHA can be attached to the transport frame in a few simple steps. on the one
On the one hand, the bale transport fork is fixed and on the other side on a hydraulic transport trolley that can be moved vertically.
Two round bales with a diameter of up to 1,60 m can thus be transported at the same time.

Price: 4000 €

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