Petite France

13 Jan.

Sent to ModHub! 🚀

January 13th, 2021 14:03

Hello 👋
Last update of this Work-In-Progress to tell you that the map is sent to ModHub!
I hope you enjoyed this WIP and that you enjoyed following the progress of the creation of this map 😃

See you in a few days / weeks to download the map!
In the meantime, here are some more screenshots. I also put a lot of it on my Instagram account: @m monsieurbab 📸

See you soon for new adventures! 🤫 😁

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(Automatically translated from French)
Sent to ModHub! 🚀
Sent to ModHub! 🚀
Sent to ModHub! 🚀
    02 Jan.

    PDA, forest corner and last details! 🌲

    January 2nd, 2021 10:50

    Hello everyone and happy new year 2021 🥳

    The map is almost finished!

    What has been done since the last WIP update:
    ✔️ Forest corner (screenshot n ° 2)
    ✔️ Corner with building between two fields
    ✔️ SeasonsMod (Seasons Mask, bush foliage)
    ✔️ All triggers (dealer, Peugeot garage, water, gasoline, silos silos, grain silo, BGA, cooperatives, sale of wood / wood chips / milk / eggs / wool)
    ✔️ Pedestrians in the village (Pedestrian)
    ✔️ PDA

    The rest of the things to do :
    ➡️ Some TipCol
    ➡️ Some minimal material, shader, pedestrian bugs, ...
    ➡️ Seed silo trigger

    You will start with 3 fields (1 soybean, 1 wheat, 1 to grow). The default vehicles are: Valtra Serie A, New Holland T5, Fiat 1300DT, Harvester Bizon Z056, Seed drill Amazone D8 30, Cultivator Polymag 300, Tipper Strautmann SEK802, Timber trailer Stepa FHL13AK. They are all correctly placed ready to work 😊

    The weight of the map has been completely optimized 🚀
    Before / after making the texture paths and removing the prefabs: 1.1 GB → 336 MB
    Before / after manual optimization: 336 MB → 287 MB

    I created a Python script to automatically do the texture paths (there were 577, a bit too long to do by hand ^^). If anyone is interested in this one, I would upload it when I have some time to write how to make it work (note that it is only compatible for maps that have a folder with all their exported prefabs. / imported into their map folder)

    If you want to see more screenshots, it's over here: monsieurbab/ 📸

    The map goes on test for 1-2 weeks. It will then be sent to the ModHub 😉

    Good weekend to all !

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    (Automatically translated from French)
    PDA, forest corner and last details! 🌲
    PDA, forest corner and last details! 🌲
    PDA, forest corner and last details! 🌲
      20 Dec.

      Animals, BGA, cooperative n°2 and livestock trader

      December 20th, 2020 12:52

      Ho ho ho! 🎅
      Here is the progress of the map after 2 months since the last update!

      I added a cooperative, the BGA, a livestock and animals trader. About these ... I wasted a few hours fixing a crash bug with the spawn of wool pallets / egg cartons ... 😒 the problem was my fault ... At least I would know where does it come from if I encounter this concern in the future 😄
      I also had to re-integrate the chickens 3 times and the sheep twice because the triggers no longer wanted to be displayed at a time when there was no error in the logs ...

      ❗ Not being able to add more than 3 screenshots here, you can go to my Instagram (@monneurbab) to see more on the map! 😉

      I put the limit on the pens at 50 for cows / 75 for sheep / 100 for chickens. What do you think ?
      Do you prefer that I add the Season Mod partially (Snow Mask for buildings but trees / bushes will not change state according to the seasons) or that I do not add it for V1?

      Here is what I have to do before sending it to GIANTS:
      ► Wool / eggs / milk point of sale
      ► Water point / Point to fill up with gasoline
      ► Add the default vehicles
      ► BGA triggers, cooperatives and farm grain silo
      ► Details in the BGA and small places between the fields
      ► Mod Seasons compatibility
      ► TipCol
      ► PDA
      ► Optimization of the weight of the map

      If you have any remarks or opinions, feel free to use the comments ⬇️
      See you in January for the last update of this WIP with the revelation of the PDA and a Preview video 😉

      See you soon and happy holidays! 🎄

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      (Automatically translated from French)
      Animals, BGA, cooperative n°2 and livestock trader
      Animals, BGA, cooperative n°2 and livestock trader
      Animals, BGA, cooperative n°2 and livestock trader
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