Déforestation Versus 🆚

Here is the backup of the last episode of deforestation versus which will be available on Thursday, September 23, 2021 on my YouTube channel.
(Automatically translated from French)

  1. MAP Axe moutain
  2. TLX Phoenix Wreck-IT

    TLX Phoenix Wreck-IT
    - The Phoenix receives a full overhaul with the Moore8250 Wrecker Body work! First real tow truck working on all platforms!

    Unique Featured functions/options:

    - Custom made set of Heavy Duty Bumpers for the ocasion, total of 6 combinations!
    - Buil-in Special Editions; the Black Belle, the Copperhead and the Silver Bullet now available as an option in the store
    - Custom built set of heavy duty rims
    - Houston and Seminole decals extended to the wrecker body
    - Custom Wreck-IT attacher found under 82's Logistics brand or under Misc
    (The attacher, once purchased, can me set in the bed and attached to the truck for transportation)
    - 3 Different engine sounds, 3 mods in the store, the CMS, D60 and CAT
    - The Jakebrake can be deactivated using the Open/Close Cover function while in the truck
    - Hitch to tow/recover trailers of any kind, position the wheel lift below a trailer hitch and attach!

    Control groups to manage the following options (mouse/joystick controlled):
    - Truck:
    1) Open/Close the wrecker cabinets to enable the Fuel Pump and refill your vehicles in the fieldsynopsis
    2) Roll up/down the windows inside the cabin
    3) Open/Close the doors
    - Mirrors: Set of controls to adjust the mirrors while operating the Wreck-IT!
    - Wrecker: (requires unfolding before operating the hydraulics)
    1) Rotate the wheel lift
    2) Rotate the wheel lift Arm
    3) Extend the wheel lift Arm
    4) Move up/down the crane and its hooks

    Featured functions/options:
    - Set of custom colors made for the ocasion
    - Entering animation
    - The windows can be lowered/raised
    - Full animated dashboard
    - Totally functional mirrors
    - Custom illumination along the whole truck. You will want to drive at night!

    Featured configurations available at the store:
    - Configurations: stock, coffin sleeper, regular sleeper and the sleeper with the turbowing and the preset #1
    - Front Bumpers
    - Design for stripes
    - Front Visor
    - Extra lights
    - Wheels configurations
    - Engine options; starting with a T9-000 basic engine and climb up to the all powerful T9-525 all represented with custom badges on at the sides of the cabin
    - Exhausts configurations
    - Price (base) 102119 €

    by 82Studio
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