Guide for FS19 mod uploading

The goal of this guide is to describe step by stepe the procedure to upload your FS19 mod on the Kingmods platform.
By filling all the fields correctly, you'll get more chances to see your mod accepted and showcase your work to the eyes of the community.


We strongly advise you to build your name the following way :
• For the vehicles : Brand then model
• For the maps : Name of the map followed by its version
• For scripts : Name of the script and/or its function
The name must be less than 45 characters.


The categories allow users to more easily find your mods between the others.
Categories are gathered into category groups.
Examples : John Deere 8400R → Tractors - Big Tractors, Trailer ROLLAND autoload → Bales - Trailers


We strongly advise you to build a description the follow way...
• For vehicles : Speed, power, additional mods required
• For maps : Story of the map, fictional or real region, additional mods required
• For scripts : Utility of the script, how it works and the commands to use it
The description must be between 30 and 700 characters.


Think about what you would type in the search bar if your were searching for a mod or a map.
Tags allow you to best reference your mod on our platform.
You can't put more than 20 tags per mod.


It's the list of people who contributed to the creation of your map/mod.
If the person has a KingMods account, simply enter his username and a dropdown list will appear and show his full username (players will have an easier access to his profile).


We advise you to put a direct download link to your mod/map. Please avoid the website because of its downloading limit.


You must at least put one image of your mod/map ("Image 1").
However, we advise you to use the 3 available images in order to allow user to have a good overview of your work.
Images will be show in 16:9, Must not weight more than 5Mb each and must be in .PNG ou .JPEG format.
Images are important to make to people want to download your mod. Think about framing them at least a minimum and remove the HUD/ATH/Display.


Please precise the version of your mod/map by adding a number between "0,1" and "9,9".