Original "La Ferme Limousine" for FS19

14 Jan.

Basic version and console version

January 14th, 2021 09:51

La Ferme Limousine for FS19 is converted on the basis of the V2 soilmod of 2015. I have the authorization to convert and publish it. Two versions will emerge, a PC version and a console version. The map will be mod compatible seasons, straw harvest and various Global Company scripts (like compost for example, PC version only).
This map includes:
A cow and hen farm
A sheep farm
A grain farm
A pig farm + ETA
Additional options will be present on the PC version such as additional crops, additional animals, greenhouses for market gardening and product processing ...
I am currently working on the version with the basic options of FS19, for connoisseurs of the original version from 2015 nothing has changed except the textures of the crops, the textures of the ground, the trees and some buildings like the houses.
I also do a great job of optimizing the map so that it can work on any PC and that it is accepted for consoles.
I hope this project will please the community as much as I will convert it.
No specific release date.

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Basic version and console version
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