Top 10 FS19 Trucks

Here are the top 10 truck mods on Farming Simulator 19!
(Automatically translated from French)

  1. TLX 9000 Semi

    TLX 9000 Semi
    - All-powerfull semi with the highest range of options and customizations

    Featured functions/options:
    - New set of custom colors made for the ocasion
    - Entering animation
    - The doors Open (function Open Cover)
    - The windows can be lowered/raised
    - Full animated dashboard
    - Totally functional mirrors
    - Adjustable 5th wheels
    - Dynamic hoses for the connections of the trailers (it depends on the trailer)
    - Custom beacons on the mirrors
    - Custom illumination along the whole truck. You will want to drive at night!
    - Custom sounds captured from a real Cummins BigCam2 (Including jake brake, horn...)
    - Strapable for easy transportation

    Featured configurations available at the store:
    - Configurations: Preset #1; 82²Studio setup; Rear hitch or Rear hitch with PTO
    (the rear hitch works with high and low attachers; depending on the implement the right attacher will appear; It can be raised or lowered)
    - Front Bumpers; Stock & classic bumper with fog lights; Custom flat bumper with or without chicken lights and an aussie style bumper with bullbar
    - License plates; select between 3 options; stock; single badge, double plate or triple plate
    - Rear fenders; stock open fenders; custom full fenders to choose pattern, color matching (chrome, main or design) with or without chicken lights
    - Front Visor; stock; Drop visor with color options (metal, main or design) with or without chicken lights
    - Extra lights; stock; top chicken lights; spot lights; glowing badges...
    - Wheels configurations; 5 main brands; stock; Stretched; Stretched with double gas tanks and custom; choose between 27 different options for wheels!
    - Motor options; starting with a T9-000 basic engine and climb up to the all powerful T9-525 all represented with custom badges on at the sides of the cabin
    - Exhausts and engine shake animation included (manualy activated by "turn on truck" after starting the engine)
    - Exhausts configurations; stock, straight pipes, angled, flappers or the mighty fat stacks with lots of rolling coal!!!
    - Air intake options; stock or short intakes
    - Extras options; Headache rack with 3 variations!
    - Price (base) 81982 €

    Available elements to move/control via joystick/mouseControls (depending on the store options setup)
    - Windows roll up-down
    - 5th wheel adjustable
    - Rear hitch adjustable (when selected on the Configurations)
    - Rack worklights adjustable (when selected on the configurations)

    by pZonaKo
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