5 beautiful maps for consoles

Here is a little top 5 of my favorite maps for console players on Farming Simulator 19!
(Automatically translated from French)

  1. Ravensberg

    Welcome to Ravensberg. The map is fictitious, but similarities in names with real towns are intentional. A Middle German landscape with great attention to detail awaits you in the look of a model railway and invites you to discover and linger.
    Again there is paintable soil with plants and bushes. The map is Seasons-Ready and supports Maize Plus by increasing the limit for tippable heaps (PC/MAC version only).

    - two pre-built farms (completely saleable, also borders and fences)
    - four towns/villages
    - 44 fields (size: 1 - 8ha), 7 meadows, 18 woodland sections
    - 6 areas for placeable objects in different sizes
    - one cowshed installed at each farm
    - one horse farm installed
    - three railway silos
    - railway station for wood
    - one BGP pre-placed
    - 8 points of sales for crops, 2 for wool, wood and bales and 1 for woodchips
    - dynamic AI traffic with a top speed of 45 km/h, slows down at intersections
    - support of "Manure System" at the BGA and the cowsheds
    - adapted transport missions with new pallets
    - Field Grass used as an additional fruit
    - new grass texture (with flowers)
    - Holmer T4-40 and Ropa Panther 2 converted for potato harvest
    - Seasons-Ready
    - Maize Plus support
    - Precision Farming support
    - support for Mod "HoT Animated Object Extend"

    Script extensions (PC/MAC only):
    - multi-terrain angle (32 angles)
    - display of texture names in the landscaping tool
    - increased maximum amount of tipping heaps

    My thanks go to the modders whose objects, sounds and scripts I was allowed to use. A list of credits can be located in the modDesc.xml in the 'contributors' section.

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    by TopAce888
  2. ITALIA Demo Version

    I am extremely proud to welcome you to Italy and invite you to a new gaming experience on the map ITALIA DEMO VERSION.
    One of the special features of this map is that all the buildings, streets, walls and fences, tracks and even the train locomotive are original and designed by me from scratch.

    The map FS19 ITALIA DEMO VERSION has 2 farms (Masseria)
    - Masseria Parma (N.2 on the PDA)
    - Masseria Azzurra (N.3 on the PDA)

    These farms have been designed with the idea that the player can start from the first one, the Masseria Azzurra, which is cheapest and the smallest of the three, then buy the Masseria Parma, which is bigger and has a pigsty.
    Furthermore the player can also buy equipped areas in addition to the farmhouses.
    The equipped areas are plots of land containing structures such as silage trenches, sheds, silos or stables.
    These are:

    - Trincea Parma (silage trench + shed)
    - Trincea alla Ferrovia (silage trench + train loading system)
    - Capanno Italia (shed + grain silos + seed and fertiliser storage silos)
    - Ovile (sheepfold)
    - Stalla Cavalli (horse stable)
    - Deposito Forestale (warehouse + stationary chipper + crane for moving logs)
    - Deposito Ferroviario (warehouse + grain silos)

    If you start your farming career without a farm and tools you can opt for a different "game-playing" we thought for you. You can just start by buying equipped areas. For example you can pick an area which has silos (like Deposito Ferroviario or Capanno Italia) to then continue with stables and expand from there your farm.

    The proper functioning of the stables, the silos and the gates present in the farms and equipped areas is linked to the purchase of the fields containing these facilities.

    Other features:
    - SEASON ready
    - 48 FIELD

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