Toyota Hilux Forestry Edition

Toyota Hilux Forestry Edition FS19
Toyota Hilux Forestry Edition FS19
Toyota Hilux Forestry Edition FS19
Toyota Hilux Forestry Edition FS19
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I have done it driveable.
yes it works before to but i feel it was hard to drive with the slow and fast setting thing.
i remove that and fix driver motor settings my own so now its alot more stable to drive.

-Added more HP
-Added 3 Beacon config.
-Added strobes on the front.
-Added new winch on the front, (not work only detail)
-Added Frame bar at back.
-Added more colors. (not many) was great choices before.
-Added marklights.
-Added own brand Mods Of Norway,
-Made the wheel set a little bigger (set 1 and set 3)
-Fix the light.
-Fix the new motor setup.

Translate the shop menu configs from franc to english.
Thanks to Sheriff Robert & Lezzy!

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  • Version1.0.3.0
  • PS4/Xbox compatibilityclose
  • Server compatibilitycheck
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Comments (5)

Now that you have edited this car without my permission , next time don't forget to put the original author.

There are 17 days

And Permission or Credits to Sheriff Robert, who is the original creator is in place........

There are 16 days

Its comming, i added that in right after it was acepted, but kingsmod have to acept the change =)

There are 16 days

Thanks for your reply and clearing that up. Star in the book, because that is not often people reply and act honest!

There are 16 days

Np =) i hope they accept today =)