Lubelska Dolina

Lubelska Dolina FS19
Lubelska Dolina FS19
Lubelska Dolina FS19
Lubelska Dolina FS19
Lubelska Dolina FS19
Lubelska Dolina FS19
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Welcome to Lubelska Dolina! This map is set in the east of Poland and more specifically in the Lublin region. This is a very extensive version of the map from FS17.

The map has:
- 5 farms (cows, sheep, chickens, pigs and horses)
- Almost 190 fields (including meadows)
- 4 selling points
- Sugar factory (selling point beets and potatoes)
- Biogas plant
- Sawmill
- A huge forest
- Hilly terrain
- Missions on the fields
- New crop textures
- Animated door and light Changelog:

- Added Seasons (frozen water, snow on roads, mask seasons, bushes for the seasons)
- Added new crops: alfalfa, rye, triticale
- Added the possibility of dumping grain into garages
- Fixed cow farm
- Fixed horse farm
- Fixed levitating stuff
- Fixed BGA
- Painting of bushes has been improved
- Fixed farm on multiplayer

I hope you like the map

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  • Version1.1.0.0
  • PS4/Xbox compatibilityclose
  • Server compatibilitycheck
  • Seasons mod compatibilitycheck
  • Publish date
  • Credits
    Rajot GPLAY

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Carte parfaite pour petit et moyen matos, mal très vallonné et décoré. Map que je conseille fortement