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Compressed air sound script FS19
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A script that changes the sound of some tractors.

“Do you still remember the compressor sound from the LS17's compressed air system? That sound is back now, as this global script adds a compressor sound to all tractors and trucks, as long as they have a system. compressed air according to vehicle XML and XML sound.

When braking or connecting a trailer with a compressed air system, the compressed air tank is emptied; below 50%, the air compressor starts and refills the tank to 100%.

If a trailer's compressed air hoses are connected to a tractor, a hissing sound is heard and you can hear compressed air flowing into the trailer. When you remove the compressed air hoses, you may also hear a hissing sound. If a trailer mod has not (yet) installed dynamic hoses, there will be no whistling. This also applies to trailers equipped only with hydraulic hoses, as they are braked using hydraulic pressure instead of air pressure. "

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  • Version1.0
  • PS4/Xbox compatibilityclose
  • Server compatibilityclose
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    AgrarPlay [Felix]
    Lance [DeAL]
    Modding Welt Team

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