Chamberg Valley

Chamberg Valley FS19
Chamberg Valley FS19
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The Chambergo Valley, a totally imaginary place, in which you will be the owner and lord of a farm, where you will only have to worry about bringing your lands to the highest yield, you will have
Silos and Warehouses to store all your crops and products to improve the performance of your land. In addition, you will have the challenge of giving life to 4 large animal stables located on the map.
Apart from the cultivation of Tomato, as a great novelty in this map, you will be able to enjoy dairy sheep, yes, you read that correctly, Sheep's Milk, so treat them well !!

All of this can only be done in the "New Farmer" game mode.

Map content:
-Pre-Installed Farm (New Farmer Mode)
-4 Pre-Installed Animal Stables, Cows, Horses, Pigs and Sheep. (New Farmer Mode)
-Land to build your own farm and place your favorite buildings.
-50 fields of all sizes and with the possibility of joining them
-8 forest areas of various sizes
-Winding terrain and great decoration.
-3 Silage Bunkers.
-1 Biogas
-1 Biomass Bunker
-Great variety of points of sale for all your products
-Product Purchase Points to take your fields to the highest performance

-More than 20 factories integrated into the map, thanks to the FillTypeConverter script.
-Storage for bales, thanks to the ObjectStorage script.
-New types of crops.
-Vehicles adapted for the cultivation of Tomatoes, Carrots, Onions.
-Support for crop destruction.
-Support for Maize Plus and Horse Extension.
-Standard Support for Seasons Mod.
-Support for DLC Addon Straw Harvest.
-Support with own Terrain mapping for Precision Agriculture DLC.

-Recommendable 100% to play in New Farmer Mode, to get the most out of this map.

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  • Version1.0.0.0
  • PS4/Xbox compatibilitycheck
  • Server compatibilitycheck
  • Seasons mod compatibilitycheck
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Comments (7)

Warlock YT
There are 13 days

Anybody know how i can find Organic Trash? I tried the black trash bags,grass,straw,nothing happened and i cant make biofuel without them :(

Barbe Rousse
There are 10 days

Hi, I don't know if you have resolve already this problem or not, but you have to collect the blue bag for exemple you can find one near the field 40 or 42 you have some house, in the house with rock fence you can find it. Sorry if my English is bad, hope I helped you.

There are 18 days

Merci pour cette très belle map, en revanche un petit soucis, je n'arrive pas à vendre les balles d'ensilages au point de vente "David, the Old farmer". Savez vous quelle serait la raison?
Merci d'avance.

Le Steve du 54
There are 20 days

bonjour pourriez vous me dire pourquoi quand je met en route la map avec le moe saison je ne peux pas semer des tomates

There are 20 days

Tu as bien acheter l'outil pour semer les tomates ? Il y a une catégorie d'outils modifié pour "tomates, carottes,oignons" Avec les semoirs/planteuses standard, tu pourras pas semer des tomates etc .

Le Steve du 54
There are 20 days

Oui mais quand on fait alt s est qu on va dans le menu ou on peut semer les tomates apparaissent mais sa nous dit pas quand il faut semer

Le Steve du 54
There are 20 days

Autrement c est une très bonne map